About DutchWorkboats

About Us

DutchWorkboats is an Amsterdam based company. We have one simple mission guiding us: to design and build the best fast workboats between 5 and 15 meters. And with the best, we don’t mean the most expensive. We mean the most economical, practical, smart and solid boats. So, very Dutch.

DutchWorkboats builds workboats for professional users all over the world. From Dutch dredgers to French marine engineers to Far East border patrol to African oil and gas works. A good boat is commonly recognized.

What’s a DutchWorkboat?

Uncompromising quality

High uptime and safety are the main demands with workboats. You want to be sure that your boat does the job. At anytime. As a Dutch boat builder we bring together the best designs and craftsmanship. We fit in the right components and advanced technology, sourced worldwide. The result is our Dutch standard: a strong workboat that gives good value for money.

No-nonsense design

They say that ‘Dutch design is a good idea’. The best designs fit function into clever solutions and clean lines. Our boats are designed in cooperation with dredgers, marine engineers and other professional boat operators. That’s why our boats are experienced as practical, efficient and comfortable. They’re fit for purpose. Nothing more, nothing less.

Innovative by nature

Innovation is about developing the competitive advantage, it’s the users practice that keeps us sharp. When it comes to water and boats, it’s in our DNA to constantly keep working on better solutions and smart ideas. To make operating our boats faster and more efficient.

Very Dutch

The Dutch are famous for being smart with water and boats. Today we are proud to be part of that boat building heritage. Our workboats help you work better, faster, more efficient. They help you save time and money. Which, after all, perfectly fits the Dutch trading spirit. Meet the Dutch approach. Call us.

DWB Worldwide

DWB Worldwide – an ever growing network of trusted partners

DutchWorkboats seeks to service markets worldwide with an extensive range of workboats and workboat rental services. We rely on a steadily growing network of highly motivated local partners to achieve our goals.

Our DWB agent is your trusted and nearby partner and native speaker to talk to. He knows your local conditions and will help you with your inquiry on your DutchWorkboat of choice. Our agent will assist you through the whole boat purchasing process, with the firm technical and operational support of DutchWorkboats.

We are currently exploring partnerships with new agents in various other countries and welcome prospective partners for our target areas at any time.