Crew Tender 7.50 - 8.50

Compact cabin boats - 5–6 crew in full comfort

Take these boats anywhere on a trailer, the back of a truck or hoist them onto a mother vessel. These boat are light, fast and easy to handle.

Efficient cabin boats
The Crew Tenders 7.50 and 8.50 are transport-machines. They are designed for fast and economical inshore and nearshore use, or to operate around a mother vessel. The boats lift easily onto a road trailer, truck or mother vessel, so your operational areas may be all over the country.

Excellent maneuverability and great acceleration
Hull shape and sterndrive give a comfortable ride. You will have controlled maneuvres up to high speeds. The interior design aims at operational efficiency and weight saving, but takes good care of the comfort of the crew at the same time. The cabin is equipped with double glass, aircon and heater, so your crews arrive quickly and fit on their destinations. Main difference between these sisters are the propulsion packages and deck space.

Smart transporter

  • High comfort on a small boat for 6-8 crew
  • Excellent maneuverability and great acceleration
  • Smart combination of speed, comfort and weight
  • Effective crew transporters – fast, comfortable and light
Model Crew Tender 7.50 – 8.50
LOA (m) 7.85 – 8.35
BOA (m) 2.90
Draft (m) 0.70
Hull material Aluminium
Displacement (kg) 2700 – 3200
Propulsion Diesel sterndrive
Speed – max (kn) 22 – 27
Fuel tank (l) 150
Range (nm) 100
Layout Cabin
Crew and passengers (pax) 6-8

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