Fast Crew Tender 8.50

Merciless Speed And Maneuverability

Perfect boat for very fast responses, patrols and interceptions. This boat turns really short and it has a firm bollard pull. This is your boat when your 2 – 6 crew and operational gear need to get out there very, very quickly.

Very fast and agile
Some boats surprise with their impressive combination of speed, agility and stability. The Fast Crew Tender 8.50 is such a boat. Within seconds it reaches 45 knots. At any speed it is highly maneuverable and remains extremely stabile. The perfect boat to take crews and gear fast to their target locations.

Operational excellence through smart design
The clever design shows several operational advantages. It gives easy boarding through the sides or the practical open transom. There is ample room for 2 – 6 crew and their equipment. The boat is easily transportable on a road trailer or in a 44’ container. Or hoistable onto a mother vessel. Also available with a half cabin and as 7.50 and 9.50 meter versions.

Speed and practicality

  • Designed for fast responding, patrolling and intercepting
  • Up to 45 knots within seconds
  • Easy boarding through open transom or sides
  • Practical: easily transportable by trailer and container
Model Fast Crew Tender 8.50
LOA (m) 8.50
BOA (m) 2.65
Draft (m) 0.40
Hull material Aluminium
Displacement (kg) 3000
Propulsion Diesel waterjet
Speed – max (kn) 42
Fuel tank (l) 300
Range (nm) 200
Layout Open
Crew and passengers (pax) 2 – 6

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