HDPE Support Boat 5.50

NEW 2017 (Open Plan Version)

The HDPE Support Boat 5.50 is one of our well proven HDPE designs, that we build in various console versions. For 2017, a new open plan version is added to the 5.50 range. Strong, very spacious, easy to sail – the Open 5.50.

HDPE Connect Boat 5.50

NEW 2017

The HDPE Connect Boat is based on our well proven HDPE Jonboats. The 5.50 has a unique feature in that 2 boats can be connected to create extra load capacity and operational flexibility.

HDPE Support Boat 6.50

NEW 2017

The HDPE Support Boat 6.50 is a strong and spacious HDPE tender, designed to protect its crew well and to carry big outboards. Like the 200HP OXE Diesel.

Fast Pilot Boat 9.00

NEW 2017

The Fast Pilot 9.00 is a pre study for a compact single diesel pilot & crew tender. The cabin will seat 4-6 and the boat has a generous open deck aft. Propulsion is by a single diesel and waterjet.


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