HDPE Support Tender 5.50

Sturdy multi-purpose boat

This boat gives all you will ever need in a small boat. It can push and tow and have a high payload. It’s the perfect boat for jobs close to the water. Easy handling, trailering and hoisting. Very strong and sturdy.

HDPE Support Boat 6.00

Sturdy multi-purpose boat

The HDPE Support Boat 6.00 is a sturdy little workboat and crew transporter for close-to-shore use. She has pretty much all the things you will need in a close-to-shore workboat: it can push and tow and transfer people.

Dive Support Boat 8.50

Dedicated support vessel

The Dive Support Boat 8.50 is a dedicated support vessel for commercial diving operations. The boat is based on the proven design of our Fast Survey Boat 8.50. The interior length was shortened to create extra deck space for divers and their gear. The vessel is designed for inshore or coastal operations.

Support Tender 8.50

Very fast on your way

This is the boat when you need to take care of quite fast calamity responses or patrols. High maneuverability gives your crews full control on the spot and in waves. Very easy boarding and a firm bollard pull for the occasional tow. Great open stern access. Trailerable. Crew and operational gear deployed easily and very, very quickly.

ContainterTug 6.00S

Sturdy work horse

The ContainerTug 6.00S is a strong tug and push boat. Use her power, deck space and flexibility on your jobs around the world. And simply pack her 20 ft on a truck or ship when the job is done.


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