HDPE Support Boat 6.00

The HDPE Support Boat 6.00 is a robust little workboat and crew transporter.

The HDPE Support Boat 6.00 is a robust little workboat and crew transporter. She has pretty much all the things you will need in a close-to-shore workboat: it can push and tow and transfer people. She has an exceptionally strong hull and is containerable or trailerable. And really anybody can sail her.

Sturdy multi-purpose boat

This boat is designed to serve as a small and simple diesel workboat between shore and ships or pontoons. She has a shallow draft V-shaped, tough HDPE hull. Propulsion is by a 40HP inboard diesel connected to a shaft and propeller. She carries 1 crew and 4-5 passengers behind a good console and under a large aluminium T-top. The pushbow is good for the occasional pushing job and for easy boarding. This boat is very, very practical for every day use. And… the hull will need no paint jobs or anti-fouling!

Unbreakable HDPE

Compared to other plastic boats or even small aluminium boats, this HDPE boat is much stronger and durable. HDPE is well known for its high resistance to impact. For this type of boat this makes all the difference. No punctures, no dents, the hull stays in shape even when abused. HDPE is highly resistant to growth.

Tough and very practical

  • The HDPE hull will stand every job and condition
  • Sturdy boat for sustained every day use
  • Very stable, sails really easy
  • Little maintenance needed. Little marine growth
Model HDPE Support Boat 6.00
LOA (m) 5.80
BOA (m) 2.22
Draft (m) 0.50
Hull material HDPE
Displacement (kg) 1000
Propulsion inboard diesel and propeller
Speed – max (kn) 8
Fuel tank (l) 55
Range (nm) 100
Layout Console
Crew (pax) max. 1 + 5

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