Support Tender 8.50

Very fast on your way.

This is the boat when you need to take care of quite fast calamity responses or patrols. High maneuverability gives your crews full control on the spot and in waves. Very easy boarding and a firm bollard pull for the occasional tow. Great open stern access. Trailerable. Crew and operational gear deployed easily and very, very quickly.

When speed is key
There are times when you need to go out and respond very rapidly. Whether it be oil in the water or humans in distress, or coastlines to be checked. When people and gear should be delivered quickly or brought to a distant location, this fast and agile boat is your solution. The open plan deck serves various jobs, the open stern offers terrific access from the water.

Speed and practicality

  • High end design for quick and reliable performance.
  • Very fast transits, great maneuvering.
  • Smart combination of high speed, low weight and operational benefits.
  • Very effective tool for fast response operations.
Model Support Tender 8.50
LOA (m) 8.50
BOA (m) 2.65
Draft (m) 0.40
Hull material Aluminium
Displacement (kg) 2700
Propulsion Diesel waterjet
Speed – max (kn 42
Fuel tank (l) 300
Range (nm) 200
Layout Open
Crew (pax) 2-4

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