Survey Boat 6.50

Compact, efficient, smart

The Survey Boat 6.50 is a compact but smart workboat. Hull and cabin are primarily designed for efficient survey jobs. However, with her practical working deck and walk-around cabin she will do your other workboat jobs with as much grace and speed.

Fast Survey Boat 7.50 – Inland Survey

Double your survey speed

The Fast Survey Boat 7.50 is a real survey-machine. With its survey speed (up to 30 km/h) you can cover the same area in half the time. With its trailerability it is easy to reach any location by road.

Fast Survey Boat 8.50 - Inland & Coastal Survey

Great survey power

The FSB 8.50 is a powerful survey-machine. It will give you high speeds during surveys and on transits. Its large cabin is a very comfortable office on the water. A truck can take her to any survey location.

Dive Survey Boat 10.00

Innovation the Dutch Way

The Dive Survey Boat 10.00 is one of our favorite designs. The vessel is intended to give her crews a reliable and swift platform for extended day operations in full comfort.

Survey Catamaran 9.50 - Inshore & Nearshore

The practical solution to your surveying needs

This 9.50 Cat is fast, stable and easily accommodates 3 workstations… with room to spare both inside and on deck.

Survey Catamaran 11.00 - Coastal & Offshore

Fast, stable, smooth

This survey cat takes you anywhere fast and comfortably. The Survey Catamaran 11.00 is exceptionally stable and offers plenty of working space. With additional crew seats it can also serve as reliable dredge tender to deliver your crews safely and smoothly.

Survey Catamaran 13.50 - Offshore

Designed to go further and faster

This cat takes your crews further offshore. It’s a fast boat for quick transits and optimized survey time. The working platform is stable and practical. Good living space and comfort facilitate longer stays offshore.


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