About Us

DutchWorkboats is an Amsterdam based company. Originally we started as a manufacturer of the best fast workboats between 5 and 15 meters. And with the best, we mean the most economical, practical, smart and solid boats. So, very Dutch.

In 2018 we have shifted our focus to fulfill the growing demand for used workboats, available on short term and at affordable prices. DutchWorkboats is now a marketplace where you can buy, sell and rent used workboats. So whether you are a dredger, marine engineer or survey company: great boats, better service and best prices are available at www.dutchworkboats.com!

DWB Worldwide

DutchWorkboats seeks to service markets worldwide with an extensive range of used workboats and workboat rental services. We rely on a growing network of trusted partners to supply, buy, sell and rent quality used workboats.

We are happy to get your project up to speed with quality rated used workboats, all available on short term and fairly priced.