Frequently Asked Questions

I want to sell or rent out a workboat





I want to buy or rent a workboat







I have a special workboat request

Let us know what you are looking for and we can search our database. Send a mail with your specifications, price indication, and availability to shop@dutchworkboats.com.

About the platform

What is www.dutchworkboats.com?

We are an online platform where companies can buy, sell or rent (out) workboats of 6-12m LOA, worldwide!

Is DutchWorkboats only available in the Netherlands?

No, we are available worldwide and trade worldwide!

How can I advertise my boat on DWB?

Simply download the intake form here and mail it to us.

How can I remove my advertisement from DWB?

Just mail us: shop@dutchworkboats.com

What is more to come on dutchworkboats.com?

We aim to innovate the business! We will add functionalities in the future, e.g. a payment module, online price negotiation and an automated contract module. We put all our energy into building a full-service portal for where happy buyers and sellers can trade their workboats!


Delivering a boat

When will the boat be delivered?

All workboats are available on short-term, as indicated by the owner. Scheduled delivery is depending on your location and the location of the workboat and the availability of appropriate transport.

Quality rating and assurance

How does the DWB Quality rating work?



On the intake form, we ask the owner of the workboat to rate the condition of the workboat fairly; hull, superstructure, engine,propulsion, equipment and outfitting. We also ask feedback from our buyers and renters to evaluate these conditions upon delivery. We trust that both parties will do their utmost to create a satisfying deal and act in good faith. Transparency and honesty are fundamental for a mutually satisfactory deal and will lead to a long-term partnership with DWB. You can download an example of the intake form here!

Is the quality rating a warranty by DWB?

No, but we trust the sincerity of our sellers ánd buyers. Now, and in the future companies will always want to buy or sell their workboats. Sincerity is the basis for a mutually satisfying deal and lasting relationship. That brings more value than a ‘quick win’.

What if the condition of the boat differs from the rating?

If for some reason the quality perception between owner and buyer or renter differ, DWB will be happy to act as an expert third party and try to mediate.


How much is the fee for DWB?

DWB charges a commissioning fee of 2% of the selling price to the owner of the boat, with a minimum of €1.250,-.
For rental contracts, a commissioning fee of 8% of the contract value is charged to the owner.

What do I pay for the boat I buy?

Seller sends you an invoice for the agreed sum. Further, transportation costs and export/import rates have to be taken into account, as usual.

Do I have to pay DWB for buying or renting a boat?

No, we only charge a fee to the owner.

Do I have to pay DWB for advertising my boat for sale or for rent?

No, advertising is completely free!


Is DWB a contract partner for a sold or rented boat?

No, we only act as a platform, assiting our clients to buy, sell and rent (out).

How can I settle a dispute with respect to the delivered boat?

Please inform us right away if anything is not as you have agreed with the counter party. In our General terms & conditions, we have included a clause regarding arbitrage. But we trust we can settle any inconvenience in good co-operation and understanding.

Where can I find the General Conditions of DWB?

You can find our General Conditions here.

Which service is not included?

DWB’s service is limited to help negotiate the deal, assist with the BIMCO contract and contacting a transporter. All other arrangements (import / export docs, transport insurance, etc) have to be made by buyer and seller.

Is DWB liable for any damage, underperformance, delivery or return of the boats that are sold or rented?

No, as we are no contract partner in the transaction, just a facilitator.